It’s more than just levels

The latest
Veeder-Root TLS4 series gives you more

Introducing Veefil

Superior Connectivity -
Avoid Fuel Run Outs

Providing a remote connection to your TLS4 series tank gauge.

A clear graphical overview of key tank data including: fuel levels, water levels, ullage, temperature and any alarms/alerts. Data is automatically updated every 15 minutes or can be refreshed manually.

Turn any tablet into a second display for your TLS4 series tank gauge.

Ideal for the cashiers desk or managers office. A real-time connection to the TLS means real peace of mind for your most valuable asset.

Download now on iOS and Android devices.

Connect to your TLS4 series tank gauge from any internet browser.

Control your tank gauge from anywhere in the world. View inventory/deliveries, acknowledge / manage alarms and run reports.

Cloud based fuel management solution.

Total control of your network with a team of analysts protecting your most valuable assets. Maximise your business with cutting edge features including detecting dispenser flow reduction and meter drift by nozzle.

Download now on iOS and Android devices.

Use of the Plus View, Remote View, and Web Enabled features are dependent on site connectivity. This may require additional site router set up and ISP services.


Advanced Features –
Detect Leaks and Losses


The key to detecting potential issues early is having well calibrated tanks. Poor calibration can give excessive variances that mask real issues. Veeder-Root’s AccuChart™ can calibrate a tank in under a month and significantly improve variance. This means any missing fuel due to thefts, leaks, short deliveries and temperature will be far easier to detect.

Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)

The Veeder-Root TLS4 tank gauges can automatically reconcile your fuel data. Comparing movements in fuel levels with sales and reported deliveries means you do not have to do this manually and can save valuable time. Also the TLS4 series tank gauge can send a notification if variance strays above a configurable level – alerting you to a potential issue.

Certified Leak Detection

The Veeder-Root TLS4 series tank gauges are able to perform certified leak tests on your tanks. The Static Leak Detection (SLD) feature is available on all models can detect leaks as small as 0.38 litres per hour. The TLS4 and TLS-450PLUS can be equipped with the Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD) feature. A certified tank test that can detect leaks as small as 0.76 litres per hour without the need to shut down the tank.


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